August 9, 2011

Checking shutter count

从 4/3 摄影论坛看到的帖子。

Olympus EP1/EP2/EPL1/EPL2/XZ-1 查看快门数的方法

By following these steps you can check your shutter count as well as a few other things. Follow these steps:
1. While holding the "Menu" button, press Power button to switch on

2. Press "Menu" and go to "Monitor brightness adjustment" screen

3. Press "Info" and "OK" button at same time, you will see the screen showing "Olympus"

4. Press the following buttons in the sequence: Up, Down, Left, Right and then press the Shutter, followed by Up (dial button in my E-P2)
按顺序按下: 上,下,左,右,快门,上,你就能进入工程菜单了

5. Engineering mode page is seen. Press dial button to Page 1, 2, 3, and "D".
通过上下左右键进入Page1, 2, ,3, D

6. Shutter count is on "Page 2" under "R".
其中, Page 2的R 显示的就是快门数。

The other lines on the screen mean:

R: shutter release count 快门数
S: flash use count  闪光数
C: CMOS cleaning mode (with mirror lock-up - in E-410 series)
U: number of ultrasonic dedusting, ~ number of power switch on  自动除尘数(相当于电源开关次数)
V: number of use of LiveView  使用Liveview的次数
B: number of shot using In-Body Stablization  使用防抖的次数

Please be careful when doing this. Although it's probably perfectly safe to do this i hold no responsibility if you mess up your Pen.

有网友测试,Olympus XZ-1、新版E-P3也是用这个方法。 测试了一下我的E-PL2,  快门数883 (其中我自己拍的有100来张)。


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